Average Vs. Professional - 10 FACTS

I have been busy so its been awhile since I posted a blog. I was thinking.. what should I write about? Maybe I should write about just how much professional real estate photography makes your property images stand out! Too often I see properties listed that have terrible images. How are people going to come see your property if they close it out after looking at only two images? My goal is to get them to look at all of the images and be interested enough to schedule a showing. Then its all up to you as the realtor to close the deal. 

I hear all the time from clients that they sold a property within just days or weeks of me photographing it. That feels amazing! Let me tell you the difference between professional photography verses the average photographer.

1. DIGITAL KNOWLEDGE: I can offer 20 years of digital experience to your images. Every session includes lit fireplaces, TV scenes, beautiful skies, and some retouching if needed.

2. MORE DETAIL IN HIGHLIGHTS: Skies and pools often lose color and detail without professional equipment. I ensure that they keep their rich natural color.

3. MORE DETAIL IN SHADOWS: Many details or features get lost in dark shadows. With the right process all shadows will be reduced and the overall look will be easier to look at and more details will be seen.

4. NO MORE FLARE: When the sun is in a shot camera lenses get lots of colorful circles called ‘sun flare’. If you know what you are doing these are avoided all together.

5. STRAIGHT WALLS: The right camera lenses will keep the walls straight, not bending or leaning. Buyers will not see the home distorted, however will see the home exactly like it is.

6. WIDE ANGLES: I use a great wide angle lens that will make the rooms look bigger and more inviting.

7. CONSISTENT COLOR: Accurate colors are very important. I try very hard to make sure the natural and true colors of the home are consistent thru all images.

8. NO PURE WHITE WINDOWS: Buyers want to know what is outside of a window. Is it the yard, the pool, a big fence? I make sure to keep detail in the windows as much as possible while still keeping it looking natural.

9. NO MORE CLUTTER: With a professional photographer you also get someone with experience in making each room look its best. I go to every room before I start and stage it by moving or hiding items, or opening certain doors in order to get the best images possible.

10. MLS NO HASSLE: Images are sent in a easy notification email that includes links to both LARGE and MLS ready images to make it easier on clients. MLS images are ready to go with no resizing needed. Pick the ones needed and post.