Being Recognized!

In every session I always walk in thinking how can I make this property look as beautiful as I can. I never cut corners, take shortcuts, or not get that one image. I am determined to get what I need every single time so I can look back and say "Job well done."  I would say I am a perfectionist and very passionate about what I do.  Most of my feedback comes from my clients. I value opinions very much and work hard to keep up to the standards they always expect of me. 

All the work has paid off in the many returning clients and recently some mentions on social media. 

I had traveled to Scottland last year to photograph a wedding and was honored to be able to photograph the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh: Luxury hotel in Edinburgh.  They decided to use my image to advertise the Christmas holiday at the hotel. Isn't she beautiful!


Next was the Business Insider. They used one of my properties as the opening image. WOW! 


Lastly, here is one from

I was the only one listed for Oklahoma!


Here is to a bigger and better 2018! I am ready.